Right guys, I can’t fight the temptation any longer. I am in the market for a next generation console and it means that I have a big decision on my hands. Do I get a PS4 or X-Box One, as unfortunately I can’t have both.

A few years ago it would have been a no-brainer. PlayStation all the way. I used to hate the old X-Box controllers, far too cumbersome and overly large (I don’t have the biggest hands though). Sony also seemed to have the better games.

It appears however that Microsoft have upped their game, and the gap has now closed considerably. I have a few mates that have gone the X-Box route and they have no regrets, but then the same is the case with the PS4. If I was to buy a PS4, then I would be making the same decision as over 20 million other people, compared to around half that with the X-Box. The X-Box has however had its price lowered, so I would imagine the gap will close. The consoles can now be bought for the same price at most stores.

The PS4 does look a lot sleeker, and still has those controllers that are significantly smaller than its rival’s. It will be easier to store, that’s for sure. For some reason, I think that the folks at Microsoft think that ‘bigger is better’, as everything to do with the console is larger than the PS4. There was the ‘ring of death’ scenario with the previous X-Box. Microsoft have tried to counteract that threat this time by covering the console with a large amount of air vents.

Hardware-wise they are pretty evenly matched, processors etc. are both very similar. Graphics-wise though, Sony have a small advantage and that can be seen when they are put side-by-side.

I think I have made up my mind…