Samsung notebook market


Although Samsung have never been a big player in the laptop market, 2015 saw no major changes, in fact their laptops haven’t seen drastic changes for quite some time. They launched the Ativ Book 9 and the Book 9 Plus their web support was not up to form and the battery failed miserably with their competitors. The positives are that both models look pretty cool, and any spec doesn’t weigh in at more than 4 pounds. Both laptops have attractive aluminium designs and good quality screens, but pricing pound for pound against other manufacturers failed when comparing specs also.


Samsung does ok in the budget laptop market, not great but ok. Outside of that market they are no threat to the likes of Lenovo or Dell.  The ATIV Book 9 is priced at around $1200 and the ATIV Book 9 Pro is retailing at $1600. These machines are poor for gamers and too pricey for everyday consumers, compared to other machines on the market, in this price bracket.


Another very negative aspect of Samsung laptops is they only offer a 1 year, return to base warranty. Meaning you, the customer pays the shipping. Plus the warranty only covers the base models, if you upgrade any aspect of that computer then you are not covered.


On a positive note though Samsung’s app SideSync lets you view your Galaxy tablet or smartphone on your laptop and has some pretty cool functionality.


Samsung need to re-design their laptops after 3 years of very similar looking machines. What they are putting out currently seems half hearted. We’ll see next year.