Renting your property without stress!

Why entrust rental management to a real estate agency?

Rental management is for owners who do not have the time - or the inclination - to look after their property: those who reside or often travel abroad, or those who do not have the required knowledge of real estate.  Do you own one or more properties that you wish to rent out? Get to grips with all aspects of rental management!

Rental management: what is the role of the real estate agency?

Since the management agent is first and foremost a service provider, he must be able to offer owners a formula without surprises The role of the managing agent is quite extensive: finding a good tenant, drawing up the lease and the inventory of fixtures, formalities for the guarantee, monitoring payments, dealing with payment defaults, maintenance and accounting for charges.  The real estate agency truly acts as a mediator between a landlord and his tenant. In this way, landlords should no longer have direct contact with their tenants.

The advantages of going through an agency

Unlike the owner, the agent undertaking rental management has an objective and professional eye of the property and its management. In the event of unpaid rent, for example, he can react promptly and efficiently. He has good knowledge of the laws and procedures to be followed and has more means of pressure to guarantee rent payments. The tenants consequently get away with less....

Another great advantage of going through an agency is the availability of the agent and his ability to react as quickly as possible in case of problems.

The cost of rental management

The management agency's remuneration is generally as a percentage of the monthly rent (plus VAT) and should theoretically not include any supplement, regardless of the number of interventions undertaken.

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