POS Software for Small Businesses 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to talk about choosing the right point of sale (POS) software for your small business, whether it is geared towards retail or hospitality.  Technology has advanced so much over the years, it seems that almost every aspect of life nowadays can be enhanced with technology.  In this case though, it makes perfect sense to.  So I wanted to share with you some useful information about using a simple piece of POS software (along with an optional tablet), that will replace your current headache of a manual system, keep accurate records for you, in fact, do pretty much all of the work for you, and give you reason to start smiling again. 

So, straight to the point: the solution is a little piece of software called FGS.  To this day I have no idea what FGS stands for other than I’ve used it successfully with three business over the last six years and it has allowed me to free up so much wasted time.  To be honest, it’s interface isn’t too aesthetically pleasing and you could describe the whole package as being cheap and cheerful, and you’d be right.  But, it is very powerful, very reliable and it simply gets the job done.  It’s purchased on an annual subscription basis, whereby you pay $99 via Paypal to its original creator and designer who owns and operates a small restaurant in Thailand, which of course fully utilizes the FGS software.  After payment is received he simply sends you a link to a couple of small downloads – one for the FGS software, the other for an online manual with built in FAQs – and within about 5 minutes you’re up and running.  It’s almost too good to be true.  The point is, it was designed for people who run small businesses, by a person who runs a small business.  

POS Software

This is an example of what can be achieved through an incredibly basic and inexpensive POS system, but depending on your application there are a whole range of other POS-based software packages out there.  There happens to be a very well established online classifieds site that offers all kinds of software (including POS and others) that I use for all online purchases.  Check out http://www.canada.for-sale.com/for more information.  I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for and will get something suitable that can be tailored perfectly to help you and your business 


Once you’re up and running, you’re ready for the only bit of real work involved, and it’s a one-time thing: setting it up to suit your individual business.  This means tailoring the software to reflect your saleable made items or services, and where they are to be distributed through.  Now, you might have a small photography outlet selling cameras, lenses, film and the associated electronics, whereby you’d create an entry for all your individual products, add in a cost price and selling price and continue the list until all your products are accounted for.  In this case, all products would be sold through the till at checkout so there would be no need to add any distribution points, unless of course you had a team of sales reps out on the road, making sales. Whenever a sale is made and paid for, the item is simply selected on screen from an organized category and associated list, an invoice is printed along with a professional looking receipt when the transaction is complete. 

Restaurant Software

Another example would be if you were to have a small small guesthouse with a bar and restaurant.   Your saleable items would be rooms, food, drinks and other  services, while your distribution points would be rooms, table numbers or even guest’s names.  All sales are time-stamped and grouped by category and distribution point, so for running reports later down the line, FGS builds up and keeps an accurate, easy-to-access transaction history, which can generate a whole host of reports, as well as having the ability to export CSV file and excel spreadsheet files, for further manipulation. 

This kind of system works in conjunction with a small thermal printer, which prints each transaction for customer and proprietor and has the added benefit of being able to tailor the receipts to suit your business, or add any marketing slogan or thank you message.  It can even print your business logo thermally at the top of the receipt. 


Restaurant Technology 

This kind of software has evolved somewhat over the past few years inline with the advent of hand held devices such as tablets.  This has been an incredibly useful development too as it now means that each waiter/waitress can tend to a table and take orders, confirm order and send them through to the central system immediately, as well as sending the food order to a printer in the kitchen and the drinks order to the bar.  Everything is consolidated at the end with the cashier.  Any, thanks for dropping by folks.  Until next time..