Pioneer In-Dash DVD Receiver

After having a rare trip in my great Uncle’s new Jaguar, it got me looking at in-dash DVD players to see what’s going around on the market these days. My Uncle’s Jag has all the bells and whistles so as you can imagine, there’s a pretty neat, interactive, built-in screen on the dash that does just about everything you could imagine.

I started looking on the web to see what kind of things you can do with one of these nowadays and surprise, surprise! Pioneer are leading the way as usual. Their new AVHX5700BHS is a double din receiver that can work with an array of Bluetooth enables devices. You can use Bluetooth WideBand Speech and also MirrorLink. MirrorLink is cool because it allows you to browse the net and there’s also Pandora for internet radio. Of course, if you want to stick on a DVD and relax, there’s the option of watching one of your favourite movies. There’s also the ability to play various media from a connected USB media drive.

Pioneer DVD Receiver

It’s great if you want to keep the kids distracted so you can focus on the road when you are meant to be driving. You have to make sure of course that you aren’t distracted by the screen yourself as it could end up causing an accident. If you’ve got a nice flash car like my uncle and you were working away from home say, you could even manage without a room. You get a comfy seat that you can lay flat like a bed and a TV screen that you can watch a movie on and relax to. All they need to figure out now is how to integrate a shower and toilet in these kind of cars, then you’d be well away (well, maybe not).