Afternoon all. Today’s topic is one of the most hotly debated in the gaming world. If you’re a fan of football games then it is simple; You’re either a PES or a FIFA boy. Never both. Ever.

PES first came about as International Superstar Soccer. ISS was released on the PlayStation 2 and a friend of mine had it. I’d played FIFA before then and just found it a little ‘arcade-y’, or a bit too ‘scripted’. There were always certain ways you could score goals, from certain angles etc. etc. I just found it very boring after a while.

With ISS there was new life breathed into the football genre. Fair enough, the teams were made up and loosely based around real life teams, but I didn’t care. I remember Ronaldo (the Brazilian of course) being Ronarid! It was about that though. The game was so much different to FIFA. It took a while of getting used to it but it was fun doing so and well worth it! The goals you could score were amazing, either incredible long-range efforts or mazy dribbles, which my mates hated! Ha! The best thing was the unpredictability of it all, the deflections, the rebounds… stuff you didn’t have on the FIFA’s at the time.


That game then evolved into what we now know as Pro Evolution Soccer. For years I would not touch a FIFA game, and when I did, I hated it. Yes it was glitzy and looked the part. You had all the correct teams and players, and the options were ace.


2009, 2010, 2011 were years that PES was far superior to FIFA.. Then PES kinda stalled for a while. Some of the gameplay and menu options were a bit bizarre and FIFA seemed like it was catching up. It is hard to split the latest releases and if I was playing them for the first time then it’s difficult to choose one… But I think my heart still lies with PES. FIFA is still a bit ‘arcade-y’, just with huge upgrades.


PES all the way.