It’s Carl here and I’m back to talk about something a little bit different today. I’m often referred to as a big kid, especially by my girlfriend who has restricted my gaming to 2 hours per night. She wants me to engage in a hobby that means I spend less time lounging about and more time being active, which translates to “shed some of that belly flab you fat b*****d!”



Toy for an Oversized Schoolboy:


So, I’ve been thinking about something I could enjoy that gets me out of the house but still fulfills my need to act like an oversized school boy.  I don’t enjoy running, or going to the gym. I also suffer quite badly with social anxiety and so am not really into playing games with face to face contact, hence my love for gaming.  When gaming, I make a lot of “virtual” friends because I can hide away behind a screen, be who I want to be and say all the things I could never say to other people in person.  But I get my girlfriends point. When we met I was trimmer and healthier looking and now I am pale, a bit pimply and have an ever increasing paunch.  I’m not exactly the handsome guy she met and she gets quite upset when she sees me lying around the living room, playing computer games and not helping around the house. So, if I’m to hold on to this wonderful woman that I’ve been living with for the past couple of years then I think it’s about time I got off my backside and started to become more active.  I would like to get out into the great outdoors a bit more too. But, being the big kid that I am, I need to find a new hobby that a twelve year old would enjoy.


The Penny Board:


I’ve been considering a few different options but nothing really stuck until my girlfriend, who is far more solution focused than me, suggested skate boarding. She had heard about a really cool version of a skateboard called a Penny Board. It’s made from plastic and is therefore extremely strong and durable but also lightweight. Boom! Sounds perfect to me. I had a skateboard when I was a kid and I was actually pretty good at it, with a few decent tricks up my sleeve.  So I’m pretty excited to give it another go.



Why a Used Penny Board is a Perfect Purchase:


The Penny Board was designed by an Australian man who named it after his sister, Penny. You can discover everything you need to know about Penny Boards on their website.  The Penny Board is extremely strong and is said to withstand great force. For example, I could run over it in my car and it would survive the impact. I’m not sure that helps to protect me in any way when I’m riding it though but at least I know it will be a good investment. I like to spend my money wisely ad so something as durable as a Penny Board is more appealing than other, weaker skateboards. As the Penny Board is so strong and has such a long shelf life, I may as well seek out a used penny board for sale. What’s the point in buying a new one if I can purchase a used penny board that is guaranteed to be in good condition?


So, I’m now on the hunt for a used penny board. Part of the beauty of a penny board is the huge variety of colors that they come in. From neon yellow, to bright red, to more subtle antique green, penny boards come in pretty much every shade you can imagine. I’d really like to find a bright and colorful used penny board for sale and I’ve come across some great bargains on this website.



Any Tips Welcome?


It appears that Penny Board have also brought out a long board. The original is quite short. This could be fun too but maybe not so great for carrying out tricks. I am a big guy though, so the longer board might suit my frame. Although, thanks to the durability of the penny board, even a used penny board, I don’t think my weight is a factor to consider.  If anyone has any experience of both the original shorter board and the new long board and has some tips on which one makes a more fun ride, do please let me know. I’d love to hear from you and gain some advice. Thanks guys! When I’m able to prize myself away from the outdoors and my new toy I’ll be back with another gaming blog.