Hey guys, welcome back! Hope you have all had a good few weeks since my last entry.

So I have just started doing some online work – I won’t go into the specifics because it really is quite boring!!  But it has made having a laptop really important and necessary. Before I started this work I usually just used my laptop to watch films. My laptop works pretty well for this because it has a 17 inch screen. For the purposes of this job though it is turning out to be a big (17 inch) inconvenience! I usually walk into town and split my time between a few different cafes so lugging my current laptop is no easy task. Subsequently, I want to invest in something that is lightweight, compact and quick. My laptop is actually getting quite old now so is starting to slow down a little and struggles with long periods of use. This evidently proves to be an inconvenience when the work you are doing is computer based and requires you to work at a relatively quick and continuous rate.

So, my options are… keeping my current laptop and using it like I do now to watch films and then buying a tablet to use for work purposes. Tablets these days are pretty damn powerful and they are extremely lightweight and compact which is just what I need. That being said, staring at a small screen for hours on end may prove a little annoying. So my other option is to buy a small laptop. It may end up being a little more expensive but I am seeing it as an investment meaning as my current laptop is on its last legs. My friend has actually just bought a Mac Book Pro and it looks and feels pretty damn cool. It is extremely powerful, quick and is nearly as lightweight as a tablet. Would be interested to know what you guys think I should do…Let me know!