GTA Mods

Hello again everyone, I am going to be talking about the new GTA and GTA 4 with the PC Mod options that you can have and what you can do with them. First off I will start on GTA 4, when this got released it was a new adventure into the gaming world of GTA. Every Aspect of the game had been improved massively, everything down to the unbelievable graphics upgrade. With realistic game play and a wide variety of things to do it took the market with a bang selling out in stores worldwide. PC Mods for GTA 4 I thought was just about as crazy as you could get with, Star Wars Mod where you can get fight jets and different costumes from the Star Wars movies. One of my favourites has to be the Hulk Mod, Using this mod you can run around as the Hulk and SMASH everything in your path and you are almost indestructible.

Now GTA 5 the new game on the streets that has also made a huge bang in the market selling out in countries worldwide. So when you get your hands on this, just be ready for awesomeness at your fingertips. The new mods for GTA 5 have literally gone out of this world, well out doing GTA 4. Using mods on GTA has never been more fun, now you can build ramps sky high and test drive any vehicle you want to see what works best and just mess around in general. I have seen people online doing all different types of test with the mods, Example: Seeing what is able to stop a train, hitting the edge of the GTA map, all different kinds of racing tracks to do with friends/people online and then my favourite the gravity gun where you can pick anything up and throw it/drop it.