Google Chrome Data Saver

The page most likely has a lot of unnecessary stuff that you don’t care about like ads and pictures which take time to fully load. You just want to read up on an article but you’ve got to wait for all the other stuff to load before you can get to reading it. Loading all this unnecessary data at the best of times can also eat up your data so you have to be sure to keep an eye on your usage.

Cut-down on your monthly bills

Apparently the guys over at Google Chrome have created a Data Saver mode in Chrome. This Data Saver helps to reduce the amount of data used when you visit any kind of website. They are still working to develop the mode even further so that more data can be saved. You could be looking at around 70% data saved each time you load a page. This is good news for people who can’t afford large data packages each month and for those who don’t have a great connection and just want to load a basic page. You can choose once the page is loaded whether you’d like to load more data. Definitely worth a look if you ask me, everyone can benefit. India and Indonesia will be the first to benefit from the new mode in Chrome but other countries will follow soon after.