The Penny Board is so Much Fun. My girlfriend and I both decided to get one because she knew she’d be jealous of mine as soon as I got it. I’m having so much fun messing around on it but it’s made me realize that I’m just nowhere near as fit as I used to be and this has got me worried. The Penny board is motivating me to become active and it’s working for me but I’m not convinced about how many calories I can actually burn whilst I’m, essentially, playing around on it. I’m no Tony Hawk! Another issue is that the Penny Board is not so suitable for the winter months and it gets damn cold here in New York during the winter.


So, Alicia and I are trying to think of a way that we can really get fit. We’ve both become super motivated to improve our fitness levels and concerned about our health. She doesn’t need to worry, she looks great, but I’m happy to have a work out companion. As much as we love messing around on the Penny Boards, which are super cool to look at by the way, we both want to do some hardcore training and get some defined muscle tone back.  We also need to think of something that we can do indoors. I’ve always been into my gaming and I’m not a gym kind of guy. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to work out surrounded by other people. So, I’m thinking of ways to get fit, indoors, alone or just with Alicia. I was thinking about an exercise bike and wondered if any of my gaming readers have also decided to get off the couch and try exercising? If so, any recommendations on ways to get fit at home or do any of you own an exercise bike and, if so, how much fun is it really?