Gaming with my new Geoforce 8800

Hey guys, I would like to welcome you all back to my computer and electronics blog. I recently splurged(for me at least) and bought myself a used graphics card online. I managed to get a EVGA NVIDIA GeoForce 8800 gts online, to be exact. For years I was using a really old memory card that I bought for $10 at a garage sale, but no more. Now with my fancy new to me GeoForce 8800, I can conquer the world. Or the universe, or Tamriel for that matter. I can play all these games that I couldn’t, and here is a rundown of the ones I have been playing most.


FarCry 3

I played the first two FarCry games on my xbox as a child and was not impressed. The controls were clunky, the plot didn't really keep me entertained and the game was damn hard. I was also 11 but I digress. When I first loaded FArCry 3, I knew this would be a new experience unlike the first two game. The game is very bright and full of spectral colors and special effects, making the most of my Geoforce 8800. It is also extremely fast paced, with something to do at all times. It is less of a linear game than its precursors which I think works really well. The ability  to just wander off and collect animal skins and herbs then go full-bezerk on an enemy camp and take it over is amazing. You can also go silently, using a bow and knife to sneak through the enemy ranks cutting them down as you go. The cutscenes are put together fantastically, and include many different elements including drugging yourself and going tripping through a cave. Overall, this is a game that I will play until 100% completion.


Far Cry 3 Tripping


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty ghosts is not even the latest installation in the Call of Duty franchise that is now longer than the career of any designer from the first game but it is still a welcome upgraded to what I was previously playing. Ghosts brings in a new mode to Call of Duty to compete with the Nazi Zombies mode of the Treyarch games called extinction. In extincion, you and your team must fight wave after wave of aliens, making your way through bigger and stronger obstacles before finally having an opportunity to be rescued at the end of the level. These level can go on forever, which makes it a really good idea to get a mini-fridge like I mentioned in my earlier post. You can play these levels locally with friends or online, as well as solo to give yourself a real challenge. This game type took what fans loved about Nazi Zombies and made it better.


Call of Duty Ghosts


Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 was the quickly pushed out sequel to the ever popular game ‘Battlefield 3’ (no way) and it never did quite achieve the status it was hyped up to. The game is still good and as seems to be the status quo with this rapidly pushed out sequels is that if you want to play a battlefield game, you have to play this. With the features that all Battlefield fans love such as 3 levels warfare, fully destructible buildings and semi-realistic gunfire, it is still a great game. My friends still play it which is the biggest thing with First Person shooters these days, especially when you can have a 64-player match. Overall Battlefield 4 is a good game, not great, but good. It’s even better with friends to play, so go buy a copy of Battlefield 4  now if your friend already has it.


Sniping Hitler in the Balls


Sniper Elite V2

I have one sentence to sum up Sniper Elite V2 for you; Snipe Hitler in the balls. There, are you now ready to find this game however you need to and snipe Hitler in his balls, with slow motion so you can watch the explosion and x-ray so you can see what really happens? That’s all it took for me anyways, I saw one video of Hitler sniping and was ready. Sniper Elite V2 is an amazing game in the other aspects as well. The sneaking and stealth shooting aspects are really interesting. As the game takes place in World War II having a silencer on your gun like in every mission for modern games is not possible, meaning you must find other ways to conceal yourself. Time your shots with loud noises, move from cover to cover and use a variety of traps to plan your escape. You can even blow up vehicles with a well placed shot, taking down multiple enemies at once or just causing some major confusing to let you escape. It is a level driven game not sandbox, but the openness of the levels really leaves how you want to plan your attack up to you.


Well those were the games I have been playing on my new graphics card, hope to see you all back next week.