Every Gamer needs his mini fridge companion

Alright guys its Carl. Welcome back to be blog covering the world of gaming and electronics in general really. After letting you in on some of my favourite games, I took the blog off on a bit of a tangent. You may remember reading that I was going a tad deaf, particularly in one ear. It’s not the end of the world and fortunately I still get to enjoy my favourite games, just with the sound up a little higher. This doesn’t please the next-door neighbours much but who gives a hoot anyway. Oh yeah, and I wrote a quick post about the new Google Chrome Data Server after seeing an article on it the other week.

Why would I need a mini fridge for gaming?

So now it’s time to get back to the world of gaming. This post isn’t going to be about my new favourite game however or the latest console on the market, this post is about that trusty companion that every gamer should have by his side, the mini fridge.

If you’re a part time gamer wannabe, then maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about but if you’re a serious, hard-core gamer then you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from. How can you spend hours of pure unadulterated gaming if you have to keep-on getting up, pausing your game whilst you replenish on food and liquids? Simple, you don’t! You get yourself a mini-fridge, make sure it’s no more than at arms-length away from your desired gaming position and that its full to the brim ready with all your favourite snacks and treats. OK, you can’t help needing the toilet at some point but that’s just nature.

So here’s a few fridges you might want to look at purchasing as a good gaming companion.


Black-Ops Mini Fridge

Haha, yep, there’s a black-ops 3 special edition set that even includes its own mini fridge. See I told you, I’m not the only one who sees a mini fridge as an essential gaming accessory.

Star Wars Mini Fridge

Another fridge that’s included in a special edition box set is the Han-Solo mini fridge. Check out the Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition set if you like the look of this one.

Other Mini Fridges

I’ve seen the above in Walmart so you might want to check out their webpage for prices. You don’t have to buy the rest of the set then if you don’t need to. These mini fridges however are a little gimmicky and you don’t really have too much room inside for your food and beverage. If you want something a little bigger then try out one of the bigger 48-litre fridges which you can buy almost anywhere. Walmart has a pretty varied range as well as the two mentioned but you can try anywhere like home-depot etc. You can get plain designs or logo designs if you’d prefer like of your favourite beer or favourite soft drink.

What do I use

There are lots of other brands you will find, big and small so just have a look around. As mentioned above, Walmart do pretty good selection. I bought mine not long back second-hand as I was a bit cash strapped and my old one had given up. I found one with a rubik’s cube design when I was looking and it was dirt cheap so I thought why not. It works sweet and will do as a temporary measure with ample storage. Try looking for old/used mini fridge for sale on the link I’ve given, you’ll get all kinds of mad-designs that people have bought but are now willing to sell for whatever reason. Just double check it works first. It’s pretty crazy the different designs now. I saw a cool looking phone box one that I liked but it would have been ornamental as the electronics no longer worked. Another one I liked looked like the shape of a cool box and opened from the top.

Final Word

So there you have it, my brief rundown on mini fridges, hope you enjoyed the post. It would be pretty cool if you could share some of the designs you’ve come across and maybe post some pictures. There must be a lot of crazy wonderful designs out there that I haven’t yet come across.

Thanks for listening guys and I hope you’ve been enlightened on why a mini fridge makes such a good gamer companion, that’s if you didn’t realize already of course. Happy Gaming!