Blocking Political Posts on Facebook

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. The amount of rants, memes, and silly arguments from ill informed parties seem to be increasing every day. Even if you don’t participate in the drama, it has proven to be a stressor. But no one wants to abstain from social media completely so what can we do? Here are four simple steps on how to stop those annoying political posts from littering your Facebook feed.

Remove all Politics from Facebook

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean up your newsfeed, this app is the way to go. Simply install the apply named add on into your browser and flick the switch. You simple switch from off to on if you want to hear the unfiltered thoughts of the people of the world, or if you want some peace and quiet. You can’t do anything else however, so some posts may get filtered more than others.

Social Fixer

Like the previous app, Social Fixer will also block political posts for you but it offers additional tools to adjust the filtering. The app adds a wrench icon to your feed, and when selecting said icorn you can use pre-created filters to adjust what you do and don’t see. You can also create your own filter to filter out posts about a certain party, politician, or small handed president.


If all else fails, you have to go nuclear. That is pretty much what LeechBlock is, although your boss would actually like this. LeechBlock bars access to any site you tell it to (up to six sites). That means that you can thrown Facebook, Twitter, and any news sites that would distract you and it will block them for a specified time period.

Social Fixer