With March’s release of Battlefield: Hardline, we saw a shift in ethos from previous Battlefield releases. Usually the franchise is all about military based scenarios and settings. This release we change to a classic ‘cop/robber/drugs’ game.


It plays much like an action movie. If you like movies like ‘Die Hard’ and ‘The Expendables’, then this game will be for you. The action sequences are much like ‘The Expendables’. Huge, over-the-top and downright crazy scenes make this game a fairly memorable one. The storyline is engaging and well thought out. The plot makes for a very interesting game indeed. I don’t normally play multi-player modes, but this game has a few different options on that front, and ‘Hotwire’ mode is probably my favourite. It’s basically about driving cars really fast. Need I say more?

I think it is my favourite in the series since ‘BC2’. Battlefield lost their way a little I think with one or two releases since that epic game, but have gone someway to redeem themselves with Hardline.

Graphics-wise there are some awesome shots, but flora and fauna do not seem to be one of the games’ strengths. It is very unrealistic at times, as are some of the buildings, but we’re all still early on in the transition to next-gen consoles, so this is something that the makers will no doubt improve with time.

One aspect that I did notice and reserved high praise for is the games’ music. Score-wise we have something that really enhances the gameplay and the sound effects are top notch as well.

The game is a little silly in places and does have some gameplay flaws that will get on some peoples nerves, but overall you’re getting an action-packed, thrilling and downright fun game.