Welcome back to the blog guys and sorry It’s been so long since I last posted an article. You know how it is after the Christmas period. I’ve had to go back to work which is never nice after two weeks off and then there’s the miserable weather which hasn’t particularly helped. I must confess though, I have had some free time on my hands and have basically spent it cooped-up in my bedroom or on the sofa in my living room, playing PS4 with the new games I picked up in the January sales. So, I don’t really have any excuse for not posting another article really, just the fact that I’ve been slobbing around play computer games.

Why, with this weather?

Well, I’ve had a bit of time to think about what to write at least so that’s good. I didn’t want to go over the things we’ve already discussed so thought I’d pick a new subject we haven’t covered. Air conditioning units may not have been top of your list of subjects to discuss, especially if you’re from where I’m living at the moment with the miserable cold weather. That being said though, we all change our tune come the summertime and then we’d absolute kill for an air-con unit to cool us down. I’ve been getting by with a fan or two over the last couple of summers and every year I tell myself “Why don’t you look into buying an air conditioning unit for the home?”, but I never do of course. Well this time around, I’m not going to make the same mistake, I will not spend the whole summer sweating my pants off.

Not this time!

I’ve therefore decided to start-up a saving kitty so come the summer, I’ve got a few grand to spend on a decent unit. I can’t afford a big industrial unit that I can fit all around the home as you’re talking more like tens of thousands then. I think I’d just like a really decent standalone unit that I can manoeuvre around the house to my liking. I have an apartment so it’s all on one level, no stairs Thank God! That means I could wheel it from my bedroom to the living room without too much fuss.

What am I looking out for?

I had looked for a cheap used air conditioner for sale initially obviously due to the money I’d save but decided against it and am going to save up instead for something a little bit special. I’ve mentioned my favourite below based on the things I consider important. There’s the energy efficiency as that’s important to keep the bills down and for the environment. Noise control is another factor to consider as for me, the noise that’s produced by a lot of air-con units is too loud and a real turn-off, especially when you’re trying to watch a movie or TV. Obviously the overall design, reliability and warranty cover are all essentials to consider also when choosing the right unit.


Dave Lennox Collection - XC25

If there was one that’s grabbed my attention, then it’s this one. Ok, it’s a huge system and I’d probably have to keep it in one spot as it weighs a massive 2 tons for the smallest unit. That size unit will cost nearly three grand. You can get a 5 ton for a grand more but I’d already be pushing my budget and wouldn’t have the room anyway. This thing would literally cool down the whole flat I reckon, it’s an absolute monster. You don’t get a lifetime warranty but it does come with 10 years guarantee. Judging by the amount you’d save due to its efficiency compared to other leading brands, it will pay for itself by that point anyway.

This unit has a really low decibel level so noise shouldn’t be an issue at all. Sound levels are as low as 59 decibels. This is compared to the level of speech when a normal conversation is taking place. The fan inside is direct-drive which is one of the reasons why you don’t get so much noise being produced. On top of that, there’s an insulated compressor compartment and a fan grill that’s designed to supress the noise created by the fan.

The unit is made out of quality materials and has a professional, well-constructed feel to it. It can handle outdoor conditions to and is built with galvanised steel with zinc coated steel base. The SmartHinge makes the unit accessible from all sides which means maintenance is a piece of cake. There’s apparently some great functions. There’s extras too such as smartphone compatibility and solar capabilities. This is something I have seen in other top brands that I’ve been looking at. Check out the Lennox Website for a full overview, it sounds amazing and I’ll be saving towards one for the summer.